The integrated operations across the textile value chain makes it versatile and flexible to produce cotton, polyester, and viscose blended fabrics in various counts and construction. This has enabled us to offer a wide range of products in large volume and within tight timelines, all the while maintaining and exceeding customer expectations on quality.

Our integrated operations – from yarn to finished fabric to garments and home textiles – allow us to maximise value through the textile chain, build economies of scale and ensure quality control across all points of the manufacturing process. The wide range of products that we offer makes for greater customer choice; whereas the scale of our operations allow us to optimise costs and thus offer customers top quality products at competitive prices.

Kudu has invested in modern global technologies and equipment across all areas of its operations. Our manufacturing technology compares favourably with global standards and offers us speed, versatility and quality. Most of the machineries installed by the company are from leaders in their respective fields. An indicative list is given below.
Process Technology Supplier
Yarn Dyeing/Processing
  • HTHP Dyeing Vessels from Fongs (Hong Kong)
  • RF Dryer from Strayfield (UK)
  • Gretagmacbeth (USA) Color Eye 7000A spectrophotometer
  • Automatic Lab Dispensing System from Daelim-Starlet (Korea)
Fabric Knitting
  • Fukuhara (Japan)
  • Monarch (Japan)
  • Mayer & Cie (Germany)
  • Terrot (Germany)
  • Jumberca (Spain)
  • Orizio (Italy)
  • Keum Yong (Korea)
  • HTHP Fabric dyeing vessels from Fongs (Hong Kong)
  • Stentering devices from Bianco (Italy) and E+L (Italy)
  • Raising machine from Lafer (Turk)
  • Shearing machine from Monforts (Germany)
  • Sueding machine from Hyundai (Korea)
  • Automatic fabric slitting, squeezing, bio-wash fluff removing and impregnating line from Bianco (Italy)
  • Automatic Weft Straightener and Open-width compaction from Bianco (Italy)
  • DataColor (USA) 600 spectrophotometer
  • Automatic Lab Dispensing System from Daelim-Starlet (Korea)
  • Indigenous flat-bed screen printing, foil-transfer and crushing machines
Garments & Home Furnishings
  • Juki (Singapore)
  • Pegasus (Japan)
  • KANSAI (Japan)
  • CAD from Morgan Tecnica (Italy)
  • Cutting room equipments from Eastman (USA)
Our Machinery
Kudu is a universe of innovative & qualitative knitted textiles where our constant endeavor is to benchmark how technology can be intricately deployed to convert fibers into precise textiles products based on material, process & application know-how.

Kudu has composite textile capacities with-trend sensitive technology for yarn dyeing, fabric knitting, fabric printing, fabric dyeing/processing, apparel manufacturing, piece dyeing, embroidery, polar fleece blankets and home furnishings.

Kudu is leading the transformation in fine knits industry with its generic branding initiative for knitted fabrics. The brand aims at repositioning fine knits as a valuable possession, that is smart and supple. Products Development Cell, Fashion Resource Center, International testing standards and Corporate social responsibility are seen as strategic focal point for growth.